Thai Massage Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Thai Massage

Have you been curious to try Thai Massage but you have some questions? Below you will find some frequently asked questions about Thai Massage. If I did not address your question, please comment down below and I will get back to you and add it to my list!

What is the difference between Thai Massage and Swedish Massage?

A lot! I have an entire blog post written about that here.

What should I wear?

You should wear loose, comfortable clothing to a Thai Massage session. Your massage therapist will move your limbs through various stretches and ranges of motion, so please consider this when dressing for your appointment. Most people feel comfortable in athletic wear or sweatpants. For women, leggings are acceptable but avoid wearing dresses, skirts, or loose short shorts. For men please wear loose clothing and avoid tight leggings, short shorts, and jeans.

Do I have to be flexible to receive Thai Massage?

No, you do not have to already be flexible to receive Thai Massage. It is beneficial for people of all flexibility ranges. Your massage therapist will provide modifications based on your current range of motion, and will not exceed your comfort level in the stretch. In fact, you may find that Thai Massage will help to increase your flexibility range over time!

Does Thai Massage hurt?

No, Thai Massage should not hurt. Some amount of discomfort is normal, but it should feel like a comfortable stretch and/or a deep compression. Your massage therapist should never exceed your pain threshold when applying pressure or stretch. Please speak up and let your massage therapist know if there is pain. Pain includes burning, numbing, tingling, stabbing, shooting, sharp, tearing, or ripping sensations. A “good” pain or a “hurts so good” sensation is acceptable, and it is generally beneficial between a 5-7 on the pain scale, exceeding that can be counter-productive and may cause injury, so keep this in mind during your session.

Can my child/children receive Thai Massage?

Yes absolutely! Children benefit from the stretches used in Thai Massage in a couple of different ways. Growing pains, carrying backpacks/books, sports, can all cause stress and pain on a child’s developing body. Thai Massage can help alleviate this pain for your child. In addition, the stretch and compression used in Thai Massage are very helpful for sensory issues children may experience. It is often helpful when dealing with ADHD, Autism, SPD, and other sensory disorders. Thai Massage is also much safer and accessible for children as they remain fully clothed during their session, and their parent/guardian will stay in the room with them.

Do you do couple’s massages?

I am a one-woman show at Unwind Bodywork! I am only set up to work on one individual at a time, so at this time I do not offer couple’s massage. If you are interested in working for Unwind Bodywork, reach out to me with a letter of inquiry and your resume @beth.

I was recently injured, is it safe to get a massage?

Generally speaking, you should wait 24-72 hours after an injury before getting a massage. This is to avoid any further injury. Beyond that, it is safe and beneficial to receive a massage after an injury to aid in recovery. Read my post about how to recover from an injury here.

I hope this helps to answer some of your questions about Thai Massage, if you are ready to book an appointment, book online here. If I didn’t answer your question, feel free to comment down below or email me @beth. I look forward to hearing from you!

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